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About: G-Switch 3

Run through the levels avoiding obstacles and deadly traps and reverse the gravity whenever it's necessary to allow your hero continuing his race. With a simple click of the mouse or pressure on your touch screen, your hero can run upside down and switch to return to normal position in order to always stay in touch with a platform free of any trap. Pass the different checkpoints to progress even further in the game.

The normal mode will offer you to progress in levels with increasing difficulty and gradually discover all the mechanics of the game, sometimes complex. It will be ideal for training and master your character and also discover levels with inventive and often surprising level design
In the endless mode you will have two lives to progress as far as possible in an infinite level. Your score will depend on the distance traveled, practice to go even further!
In the multiplayer mode up to 8 participants can play on the same device. It will be a race between all the players and the winner will be the one who manages to cover the longest distance without being trapped.

How To Play?